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Informational Document

Check out this document for a detailed description of our impact, positions, organizational structure, and the benefits of joining!

Recruiting Manager

Conduct outreach on social media and email platforms to increase applicants. Onboard prospective team members through an interview process and manage the application process.

- Contact 25 youth groups & communities per week
- Conduct 20-30 minute interviews with prospective applicants



Brainstorm and create videos for Youtube that educate people on personal finance topics using animations/infographics. Manage partnerships, collaborations, and questions on the platform. Video editing experience is required.

- Create 4-5 videos per month

- Meet with marketing team once per week to discuss usage of YouTube



Create a directory / informal database of potential grants to apply to (use google sheets or an alternative platform that best suits a directory/database). Collaborate with our fiscal sponsor and CEO to identify and complete grant applications.

- Apply to 3-5 grants per month