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Bring Financial Literacy to your Community

What is a Chapter?

A chapter of The Teen Trillionaire is essentially be a group of local students interested in personal finance and wanting to learn more about it with their peers. You can start your own chapter of the club at your high school, youth center, or even online with your classmates and friends.

How Does it Work?

Chapters will typically meet once per week (whenever you choose to) for about an hour. Meetings will consist of slideshow presentations covering content, games, challenges, and more personal finance based activities! We will provide you with all of these materials as part of our expertly-developed financial literacy curriculum and via our partners!

Why Start a Chapter?

Chapters are a great way to spread financial literacy among your peers and in your community. Setting up a chapter is very easy: simply fill out our form, make sure you abide by any school rules (i.e. finding a supervisor),  and start gathering members! Additionally, all content and chapters are 100% free -- all you have to do is meet once a week. It's also a great way to create leadership positions :)

Fill out this quick form to start your own chapter!

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