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Online Course

''Jumpstart to Financial Wellness''

Jumpstart to Financial Wellness:
A comprehensive personal finance course for teens

What concepts will I be taught in the course?

Jumpstart to Financial Wellness began as a project in early 2021 when we decided we wanted to create an easy-to-follow and comprehensive personal finance guide. After months of development, we are excited to share that our course covers all the foundational knowledge you would need to embark on your personal finance journey! The course covers 10 units including stocks, budgeting, student loans, taxes, alternative investments, funds, and more!

Why should I sign up for the course?

We believe that this course will benefit all teenagers develop a better foundational understanding of personal finance concepts and techniques to apply into their own life. 

  • The course is 100% FREE!!

  • Completitng a course will earn you a certificate you can share on applications and resumes. 

  • We will be releasing in-depth, topic-specific courses in the future!

^^ Check it out here! ^^


How to Get Started 

Click the link below to sign up for the course. It will ask for your name and email to create a log-in. The course is 100% FREE!

Link for Future Log Ins

Bookmark the link below or simply visit our page every time you would like to access the course!

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