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We aim to provide teenagers with the resources to become more financially independent and aware to inspire a generation of responsible, educated decision makers.


The Teen Trillionaire was founded in August of 2020 by high schooler Aryav Bothra in Chicago, Illinois. Since then, it has grown to encompass passionate students from around the world that are united under the common goal of financial literacy for teens.

We provide teens interested in their finances with one simple thing: someone that is willing to listen to their needs and guide them accordingly. Despite the vast amount of resources available on the internet, teen financial literacy has always been a niche that we feel has never truly met or reflected the needs of teens. Without proper financial education, how can we expect teenagers to take control of their credit score, insurance, or future student loans?

Towards our goal of inspiring a generation of more financially independent and educated teens, we offer free financial consulting services that allow teens to get the answers they need on a wide variety of topics from auto insurance to saving for the future. We also publish books, create podcasts, and host speakers (virtually for now) to help instill in this upcoming generation one important virtue: the value of money.


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Financial Consulting for Teens