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The Teen Trillionaire is looking for qualified high-school and college students with a passion for finance, business, writing, and education. As a youth-led non-profit that strives to make financial education more accessible and equitable to teens of all socioeconomic backgrounds, we need people with a variety of talents to help us execute our exciting plans! Below you'll find the positions that are currently open and instructions on how to apply. 


Being part of our team not only provides you with the opportunity to network and collaborate with a group of talented teenagers from around the world, but also to develop your own skills and passions. We encourage our team members to continue to challenge themselves and grow each day.


As a team member, you will also receive the following:

  • Attribution for any content you make (i.e. podcasts)

  • Letters of recommendation from our Executive Director

  • Volunteer hour certificate based for our time

  • Ability to work with industry professionals, representatives, etc.


The application process to join our team requires you fill out a google form that you can find on this page, interviewing with us (not for priority positions), and then you'll be notified of our team's decision. 

Other important items to note:

  • We have weekly full-team meeting on Sundays at 10 AM CST

  • All position descriptions give general monthly requirements and commitments and when you fill out the application, you indicate how many months you're wanting to work with us

  • This time commitment (in months) can be lengthened, but not shortened


Runs For The Month of June!

Work individually to promote The Teen Trillionaire's FINnovation Conference through personal Instagram and LinkedIn profiles. Will be required to join a Google Classroom and attend an introductory orientation held through Zoom.


  • Special Point system to win exclusive merchandise

  • Must have post notifications on for The Teen Trillionaire Instagram acc0unt

  • Potential benefits: Volunteer hours, letters of recommendation, networking opportunities


Policy/Legislation Liaison

Manage our initiatives to work with state education and economic officials to collaborate on a bill/legislation that works to close the financial literacy gap. Work includes researching potential policies, outreach to reps, & meeting with officials.

- Contact 10 reps per week

- Develop 5 policy ideas per month

Recruiting Manager

Conduct outreach on social media and email platforms to increase applicants. Onboard prospective team members through an interview process and manage the application process.

- Contact 25 youth groups & communities per week
- Conduct 20-30 minute interviews with prospective applicants



Brainstorm and create videos for Youtube that educate people on personal finance topics using animations/infographics. Manage partnerships, collaborations, and questions on the platform. Video editing experience is required.

- Create 4-5 videos per month

- Meet with marketing team once per week to discuss usage of YouTube



Create a directory / informal database of potential grants to apply to (use google sheets or an alternative platform that best suits a directory/database). Collaborate with our fiscal sponsor and CEO to identify and complete grant applications.

- Apply to 3-5 grants per month



Brainstorm and write articles that educate people on personal finance topics and give them insight into financial literacy. Check out articles on our page as a reference. Some form of writing experience & sample submissions are highly recommended. 

- Write 6 articles per month

Fundraising Team Member

Work with fundraising team members to develop fundraisers that center around current financial events, world issues, and our own updates such as conferences & workshops. Oversee execution of the fundraiser.

- Plan and execute 1 fundraiser per month

Marketing Team Member

Work with marketing team members to brainstorm & execute various outreach, recruiting, and event ideas. Examples of projects include increasing social media engagement and planning an entrepreneurship conference.

- Attend 1-2 meetings per week with marketing team


Team Member

Outline and collaborate on financial literacy curriculum with other team members. Create slidedecks to deliver our curriculum for implementation at events and chapters.

- Attend 1-2 weekly team meetings

- Create 3-4 slidedecks per month