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Turning your Passion into a Business

As a teen, making money is an exciting idea. Traditionally, most teens had jobs like waiting on tables, delivering newspapers, or working for the family business. But it’s the digital age now, and the situation has changed. Today, newsboys aren’t needed anymore since most people get their news from the Internet. You may also be a teen who isn’t comfortable with making money the traditional ways. There are a few ideas you might like though. The main idea is that you can cultivate your passion while also making money.

Side Hustles:

What are side hustles? They are a form of making income, usually alongside your main job. As a teen, you might not have a job yet, but you do still have to attend school full-time. Side hustles can come from anywhere, and can even be passive.

Some types include reselling, side business (like selling on Etsy or making your own cookies to sell), tutoring, and more. Again, side hustles are really a side activity you do that can generate money for you.

So why side hustles? What makes them more preferable than a regular 9-to-5 job? Side hustles are unique in that you can set your own hours, and do it however you want. There aren’t any set rules. They are also meant to be based around passion, something you enjoy doing. Perhaps you dislike school and want to do something on the side. Having a side hustle means an extra stream of income as well as the potential to become your main job in the future. And, while freelancing can be a side hustle, not all side hustles require freelancing.

They can also help in reaching your goals. Many people create side hustles because they want to earn more, or even retire early. The best part about this is that it’s not set in stone since you play by your rules and it doesn’t require a degree. If this is you and you are interested, take a look into your passions and see how you can make money from them.

Written by Allie Chang

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