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Stock Market Simulations and More!

As a teen, getting experience within investing may be difficult. Parents may not “trust” you with investing with real money. (Along with other reasons, of course.) Well, here’s your solution! There are plenty of online market simulations and apps to help you get acquainted with the market.

Invstr (app)

This app allows users to manage a $1,000,000 portfolio. You are able to sell and buy shares of various stocks and put your skills to the test ;) On Invstr, you are able to sharpen your investing skills, boost your investing and financial education through their daily podcasts and market blogs. You are even able to get a chance to win real cash prizes to help kickstart your real investment portfolio if you end up within the top 25 in a league.

Fantasy Invest (app)

Similar to Invstr, Fantasy Invest is another investing game. You are able to track your favorite stocks and play hourly, daily, and weekly games to test your intuition. Through these games, you will either gain or lose “money” or in the game’s currency, coins. The better your chosen portfolio does, the more coins you get. And like Invstr, you also get the chance to receive prizes which include gift cards and even an iPhone.

How the Market Works (website)

This website has been around since 2004 and has since published hundreds of articles, managed a glossary of popular stock market terms, and even runs a free market game. Users register for free and receive a virtual $100,000 and access to their Education Center. Users can then create their own custom stock market contest and invite their classmates, friends, family, or co-workers to a friendly competition. :) Very popular with professors, it also has what is called “lesson plans.”

TD Bank Virtual Stock Market Simulation (website)

Another virtual trading platform revolving around our US Stock Market and helps users understand how it functions. Users are able to practice trading real stocks at real prices, of course without the real risk that comes with real money. The website also offers a “Learning Center” where users can learn about managing their portfolio, the basics of investing, trading, personal finance, economics, accounting, management, marketing, and finance.

Wall Street Survivor (website)

The Wall Street Survivor helps users break down many complex concepts that are needed to be able to succeed financially through understandable lessons. They offer free courses that are paired along with a virtual stock market to help users practice buying stocks under real market situations. The website additionally offers newsletters, investing ideas, and also provides a starter guide for the newer users.

Virtual Stock Exchange (website)

One of the world’s largest stock market games, the Virtual Stock Exchange has stocks, currencies, and commodities from over 30 countries. There is a learning center provided as well, equipped with articles, key terms, investment learning and research information on the US market. Popular among students and investors from all over the world, the site teaches you about personal finance, investing, and more!

The above 6 resources are a great place to start getting into personal finance, and the stock market. Many are a perfect way to explore our market and invest without real-time risk. Happy investing!

Written by Angel Tang

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