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Spending Tips

Some of the biggest expenses for a teen include clothes, food, and other discretionary expenses. Perhaps this doesn’t apply to you. You may wonder what teens spend so much money on in these two categories.

Teen Expenses:

Most teens spend a large share of their income on clothing. There are definitely many motivators for them to buy clothes, like wearing the latest fads. Or maybe they hit :grow spurts very often. Whatever the reason, most teens spend a lot on clothing. It is one of the two categories that teens spend the most on.

Another category that teens like to spend on is food. Breaking bread is a great way for you to hang out with your friends and chill. Many teens are starting to buy takeout and dine in restaurants. One of the major costs of food is the purchase of boba tea. The Asian drink is riding on popularity, and some teens may drink it as often as every day. This can create large expenses, second only to clothing costs.

A popular expense is music, with teens today having a wide range of musical tastes and wanting to keep up with the newest musical trend.

If you are someone who enjoys hanging out with your friends very often, you might go to the cinema together to have a good time. But after a few times, the ticket fees can rack up quickly, especially if you don’t take advantage of discounts or special prices.

Minimizing Costs:

While it isn’t wrong to enjoy life and buy what you want, there are often alternative ways to provide the same experience without costing you exorbitantly. For example, instead of eating out with friends, you can invite your friends over to your house to eat together. Another thing is, you can wait for a movie to come out on television instead of buying the first showing at the cinema. If you use Spotify, you can split the cost with a friend on a shared account, or just use the free version. Famous author Rick Riordan once wrote in a Percy Jackson novel, “There's always a way out for those clever enough to find it.”

Written by Allie Chang


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