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Money and Social Life

Do you like hanging out with your friends? Maybe you enjoy doing something small, like hanging out at the park every Friday afternoon, or something bigger like going out to party. One of the things about having a social life is that it often isn’t cheap, but it could be.

How Money Impacts Your Social Life:

You may have peer pressure where you must do this and that. For example, you have to buy the latest shirt trends because your best friends are recommending it. Or, perhaps if you're of driving age, you want a fast and new car.

These expenses, from regular purchases of certain items like boba tea or coffee to bigger things like the latest Air Jordans, can add up quickly. And when they do, they can put a huge financial strain on you that affects other areas of your life, including mental and physical health.

Financial stress isn’t as prominent for a teenager versus someone who is starting their life out as an adult. But spending lavishly as a teen can also carry into adulthood, and then the consequences start piling up on each other.

How to Keep Financial Stress Low Without Losing Your Social Life:

There are always cheaper alternatives. For example, you can spend less on hanging out with your friends. After all, the point is to enjoy the company.

Also, social influences play a large role in your finances. If you socially interact more with people who like to spend, maybe it is time to reconsider a bit. After all, they can influence you to become a big spender unknowingly.

And, how you spend your money shouldn’t define your social life. You can invite your friends to your house for dinner, instead of spending money in an overpriced restaurant. There are also discounts for certain activities with a large number of people. In the end, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to be happy socially.

Written by Allie Chang

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