Looking for Student Discounts

Student discounts are the discounts offered by companies to students, typically ranging from 10% to 50% off. These discounts are given because students have low incomes as compared to adults and a lower price for goods every now and then can make a big difference. Student discounts are offered by a lot of companies. Below are some of the famous and lifesaving student discounts.


A whole lot of clothing stores offer student discounts. Some include:

  • ASOS: After verifying yourself as a student online, ASOS gives you 10% off on your orders.

  • Banana Republic: The next time you shop at Banana Republic, be sure to show your student ID to get a 15% off on the whole purchase.

  • J.Crew: Like Banana Republic, J.Crew also offers 15% off when you shop in-store.

  • Madewell: This store also offers a 15% discount for students and teachers at checkout.

  • Aerie: This company offers a 20% discount for both online and in-store purchases.


  • Joma Jewellery: A 10% discount is offered on online purchases from Joma Jewellery with a valid student ID.

  • Brillianteers: Brillianteers offers a 5% discount on selective jewelry when students use the code BRILLIANTEERSDU2013.

  • Watchshop: Watchshop gives a 30% discount when students sign in with a UNiDAYS account.