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Looking for Student Discounts

Student discounts are the discounts offered by companies to students, typically ranging from 10% to 50% off. These discounts are given because students have low incomes as compared to adults and a lower price for goods every now and then can make a big difference. Student discounts are offered by a lot of companies. Below are some of the famous and lifesaving student discounts.


A whole lot of clothing stores offer student discounts. Some include:

  • ASOS: After verifying yourself as a student online, ASOS gives you 10% off on your orders.

  • Banana Republic: The next time you shop at Banana Republic, be sure to show your student ID to get a 15% off on the whole purchase.

  • J.Crew: Like Banana Republic, J.Crew also offers 15% off when you shop in-store.

  • Madewell: This store also offers a 15% discount for students and teachers at checkout.

  • Aerie: This company offers a 20% discount for both online and in-store purchases.


  • Joma Jewellery: A 10% discount is offered on online purchases from Joma Jewellery with a valid student ID.

  • Brillianteers: Brillianteers offers a 5% discount on selective jewelry when students use the code BRILLIANTEERSDU2013.

  • Watchshop: Watchshop gives a 30% discount when students sign in with a UNiDAYS account.


The following discounts apply only when students have a Student Beans account and have verified their school IDs.

  • Freshly: Freshly offers a 15% discount for students on their first four orders.

  • Home Chef: A 50% discount is given to students for their first meal box.

  • Illy: 25% off on select gourmet coffee products is offered to students.

  • Krispy Kreme: This donut giant offers a 20% discount to students.

Some ways in which students can maximize their student discounts, including:

  • Always have your student card on you. No student discounts are offered without verification. So, it is best to have your student verification ID always on you.

  • While shopping online, check if the website offers discounts. You may have to enter your ID as proof.

  • Get ISIC membership for international student discounts. ISIC stands for The International Student Identity Card. This ID verifies students and grants them access to a diverse selection of benefits worldwide. It is offered in 130 countries.

So, to conclude, finding student discounts is so easy and it doesn’t even consume time. Be sure to ask whatever store you go to next time if they have a student discount and don’t forget to have your student ID on you at all times.

Written by Rishita Arora

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