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Jobs for Teens

For most teenagers these days, the most important thing is their social life. Following the crowd is somewhat more of a priority than test scores.

According to research, food, clothes, music, and parties are some of the main categories in which high school students continue spending more and more each year. As the need for money increases, many of us have come across the thought of earning for ourselves. There are many reasons, perhaps you need more than your regular pocket money since your parents won’t help you, or maybe you always wanted to feel what spending your own money would feel like, or you just want to save for future purposes. Whatever it is, all these reasons give rise to one single important question, “Can teenagers get jobs these days?”. And the answer is “Yes”, teenagers easily get jobs today, all that is needed is a bit of research and motivation to keep going. Then the second important question comes up, ‘What jobs can teenagers get?”. So, here are some jobs that everyone can try for.

Newspaper Delivery:

Are you a morning person but have a lot of free time in the morning? Well, here is your solution. Even as the internet’s popularity is at its peak, newspapers are still just as loved. You need to wake up early, but the pay is decent for newspaper delivery. The pay also depends on the frequency of the newspaper, such as if it is daily, weekly, or monthly.

Dog Walking:

If you love dogs and might not even have your own, walking dogs is a great gig. You can spend time with a dog, get regularly paid, and hit your daily target of ten thousand steps. You can also take care of people’s dogs while they are away on vacation or just simply walk them. Just make sure you are familiar and comfortable with the dog and vice versa.


Whether it’s tired parents looking for a break or older siblings fed up of getting caught on the duty of taking care of their younger siblings, there is always a need for babysitters everywhere. People are willing to pay pretty well for this job. Even if you charge half the amount of professional babysitters, you can still get a pretty good sum by the end of the month. All you need to do is look around yourself and listen carefully for a shrill cry, and the second you hear it, voila, I think you have it all arranged.

Working Retail:

This is an excellent option for people who like to shop or help someone shop. Retail companies are always hiring, especially in summers. The atmosphere is also happy and positivity is all around. Companies are also very generous with employee discounts so you might even save on your regular spending and earn more. Perfect right?

Fast Food Service:

With a busy, bustling atmosphere, fast food chains are always looking for employees. Just make sure you can work fast and well under pressure, and the rest is okay.


Jobs for teens are not limited to these, and many people are starting to find untraditional gigs they enjoy. Pick whatever you like, and don’t be afraid to try it out!

Written by Rishita Arora

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