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Intro to Hashing

What is a Hash:

A hash is a mathematical algorithm that converts lines of numbers, regardless of length, into an encrypted version with a fixed amount of numbers. A hash is usually hard or impossible to be decrypted because the algorithm is one-way. This means that you can’t figure out the original input from the hashed output without knowing what the original input is.

Why is Hashing Important:

While hashing may not seem very interesting to you, it is important. Hashing is an encryption process that can be more secure than other encryption processes because it cannot be reverse-engineered.

Applications of Hashing:

Cryptocurrency uses blockchain technology, where transaction data blocks form a global ledger. Each of the transaction data blocks is hashed. Cryptocurrency miners have to solve the hashes. Once they do, miners are rewarded and the block is added to the global ledger.


If you are interested in cryptocurrency mining, this may be the place to start. Hashing plays an integral role to operate blockchain technology like cryptocurrency.

Written by Allie Chang

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