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What is homeownership:

Everyone has a dream of owning their own home one day. Many people accept owning a home is a right. Buying a home can be hard, there are pros and cons to that. Buying a home is one of the largest investments a person can make in their lifetime. It takes time, perseverance, and sacrifice.


There is a high up front payment into buying a home, which is the down payment. You don’t need 20% to be qualified for a mortgage, if you have a high enough credit score that is over 580. You can get qualified with a government backed loan, you can put as little as a 3.8% down payment. The closing costs are usually from 2-5%.

Buying a home is like an investment, it can be a risk. The property value can fall any time and the home equity doesn’t grow immediately. Usually in the market if you have an emergency to sell your home, it will likely be a lot less than when you first bought it. In the early years of your mortgage, your high loan balance makes it difficult to build equity through mortgage payments.

There are a lot of outgoing costs on homes. Owning a home can be a lot like fixing appliances,mowing lawns, etc. There are taxes and insurances to think about with fixed mortgage rates. Property taxes can go up if your home value or your local government need to raise a fund. When the costs to repair/replace your home go up, insurance providers increase insurance premiums.


Possessing a house can give you a sensation of security and settlement. There is additionally the pride of claiming a property. There is a finished opportunity of rearranging and revamping the property as you are the proprietor.

Tax reductions. You can deduct your home loan interest installment. Additionally, you expand value while taking care of your loan. You have the total opportunity to live anyway you need. You can have pets, you can change apparatuses, you can revamp and considerably more without anybody halting you. You have your own security.

A home loan that is paid opportune is a kind of good obligation that banks need to see when you apply for a line of credit. This adds focus shockingly and will assist you when you need an auto or business credit.


Assuming you need the opportunity to get together and pass on to another city for a new position, then, at that point, house buying likely isn't the best thought. The most common way of selling a house is significantly longer (and upsetting!) than moving out of a rental.

Written by Anna Li

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