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Green Finance

What is Green Finance:

You know that protecting the environment and making life more sustainable on the Earth is important. Green finance is the part of the financial industry that helps make the world become “greener” or better the Earth environmentally. It is the intersection of environmental sustainability and finance. This can include adapting to climate change, conservation, renewable energy, sustainable resources, and clean transportation. Another term for green finance is “sustainable finance.”

Examples of Green Finance:

An example of green finance is eco-investing, or to be more socially responsible by investing in eco-friendly securities and companies. Examples of eco-investing can include investing in green funds and bonds. These financial instruments help fund projects that provide environmental benefits, such as climate change adaptation.

Why It’s On the Rise:

Green finance is quickly gaining popularity, especially for its eco-friendliness. Not only is it more environmentally friendly than traditional methods, it allows humans to get past our current environmental challenges. In a way, those who contribute the least will be affected by the most.

Written by Allie Chang

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