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Earning Money from Instagram

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has created a lot of disturbances in the economy. One of the biggest problems is that people are running out of money. Restaurants and hotels have shut down, companies have gone bankrupt, organizations are facing a major crisis because of their inability to pay qualified workers and millions of people have lost their jobs.

In such a time, most people have started looking for ways to make money online. And as impossible and hard as it may seem to us right now, it is actually pretty convenient. One of the popular ways to earn money online is through social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and many more.

Below are some ways in which one can earn money online:

- Affiliate links - This is a way by which one promotes someone else’s product by their special code. Whenever someone makes a purchase through their code, they get a commission. A lot of affiliate programs make partnerships with people with small number of following.

Sponsored posts - This method is similar as affiliate links. But in this one just puts the product for everyone to see. They get paid if or not someone purchases it. This is better with a large following.

Promoting one’s own products - One can promote their own products like e-books, blogs etc. through Instagram. They products can get widely popular given some time.

So, even though earning from social media apps can take some time, it is definitely worth it.

Written by Rishita Arora

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