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Earning from Pinterest

Pinterest is an adventure with opportunities hidden at every corner. Founded by Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra, and Evan Sharp in 2010, it has emerged as one of the most popular and interesting apps in the past decade with stuff crowded with thousands of topics be it inspiring poems, artistic drawings, delicious recipes, and even sassy quotes. With almost 2 billion searches every month and over 400 million active users in the last year, Pinterest became a billion-dollar business in 2019 generating 1.14 billion dollars of revenue. Remember, Pinterest is as much of a search engine as it is a social media app. It has been ranked number one in surveys like “makes me feel inspired” and “engages with me in new and creative ways” categories.

Like almost every other social media app, Pinterest can be utilized in many different ways to earn money. Below are some of it:

- Earning through the blog - bloggers use this app for increasing their audience. Once there is a sufficient amount of audience, you can use these ways to earn from your blog.

- Through ads

- Through affiliate links

- Through sponsored posts

- Becoming a virtual assistant - a Pinterest virtual assistant is someone who gets paid to help a blogger or business owner increase their audience. You get to decide your pay and how many hours you work. This method is becoming very popular because a lot of people prefer to hire assistants for making their workload less.

- Posting affiliate links directly on Pinterest - for people who don’t have a blog, this method comes in handy. The only real but appealing work needed in this is to create click-worthy pins and your affiliate company will do all the hard work.

With sufficient work and time, all these ways can become very profitable. These are not the only ways to earn from Pinterest, but some of the most common ways. Finding a unique strategy can definitely help if you are planning to use Pinterest to earn a little cash. If you are interested, create a Pinterest or if you already have one you can find a niche you like to post about.

Written by Rishita Arora

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