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Opinion Central: Politicians and the U.S. Economy

The U.S. presidential election is this month! Everyone is hyped up as the presidential race ends. However, we’re not here to talk about politics, we’re here to talk about the U.S. economy and how politicians are handling it.

2020 has been quite an adventure. Between the ongoing U.S. presidential race and the looming coronavirus pandemic, everyone has different opinions about everything.

One thing on everyone’s minds is: are politicians handling the U.S. economy well? Some say yes, others say no. Here are some opinions from teens like you.

What Politicians are Doing to Help the U.S. Economy:

An anonymous source has mentioned that they believe some politicians are hoping to pass a stimulus bill to help furloughed Americans and businesses that have taken a powerful hit from the pandemic. Others have also advocated “for better funding of programs that directly impact youth, disabled, homeless and others in the US.” These programs are something that Americans can really benefit from.

Another anonymous source also believes that because of ethical and identity-related issues, “laws that prepare society to the oncoming social and work change due to automation” are not put in effect. Especially with the political tension and racial dispute tensions so high these days, everyone is tense.

From another teen, Liz Wilson, they disagree with the notion that politicians are doing anything to help the economy. They believe that the politicians are “more interested in lining their own pockets and making sure we [Americans] stay in countries we have no business being in.”

You might agree with the anonymous sources and/or Liz’s opinion, or maybe neither. Let’s see what they have to say about politicians hindering the economy.

What Politicians are Doing to Hinder the U.S. Economy:

The first anonymous source believes that politicians, especially ones in the federal government, are “[c]reating a further divide in the country, and focusing on issues that shouldn’t be a priority for them (banning tiktok, and the new SCOTUS justice for example).” There has been a lot of controversy regarding President Trump’s Supreme Court appointee Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett. Also, President Trump is against the use of TikTok in the U.S. because of its Chinese makers. These issues, compared to the coronavirus and other issues Americans are facing every day, are not as important and should not be focused on so much, says the anonymous source.

Liz Wilson also says that the government has too much “foreign spending, tax breaks for the top 3 percent.” And that they also put too much “spending on things that don't really need that much money including military spending.” The military has been a hot topic concerning the U.S government. Some people believe that the military has already too much money, and should not be in foreign countries. Others argue that the military needs to be strong and dominate, as to assure other countries that the U.S. is just as strong or even stronger.

These are all opinions on how politicians are not helping the economy. You might agree or disagree or be neutral. Moving on, our sources will discuss what they believe American politicians can do to help the economy.

Ways a Politician can Improve the U.S. Economy:

Our first anonymous source mentions that they think the U.S. economy can be improved by “[d]efunding programs...that have been budgeted too much money (police, military, warfare, the oil and gas industry).” They believe that physical might isn’t as important as other programs revolving around the well-being of Americans like health. This is a popular opinion, as some consider the police and military are not the protectors they once were.

The second source, Liz, believes that U.S. politicians, especially the federal government, needs to “[l]isten more to the [A]merican people.” And they should “[t]ax the rich at higher rates…[and] cut military spending and get out of countries we [Americans] don't belong in.” Again, this is becoming a more popular opinion as Americans and Gen Z are living the Digital revolution. Many Americans also think they don’t have a voice, resulting in many not voting during presidential and state elections.

Of course, everyone has different views on this issue. You might have something else to add, too. No matter what you think, don’t let anyone influence your opinion and make your thoughts your own!

Written by Allie Chang

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